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1 dress, 3 clicks, 900 possible combinations…

stockman-chic_parisienne_fleches ENG

The Fashion World is in turmoil.
Dresses have begun to tighten in the most savvy Fashionistas’ closet to make a place for it.
We were waiting for it eagerly: here it is!!
The “unique” dress is just a few clicks away on
Overview of an already iconic dress and its 900 possible combinations.

Its name? Parisienne Chic Dress

Robe Chic Parisienne

What makes this dress so perfect for us?
We love its sober and timeless cut that embodies in one outfit the Parisian Chic.
Its round neckline, short sleeves and straight cut make it an easy-to-wear dress.
Simple and elegant, it is undoubtedly the wardrobe hero.
A must-have to make it your own

Further Information about Parisienne Chic Dress


Customisable? You said Customisable?

stockman-chic_parisienne_fleches ENG


You can personalise the Parisienne Chic Dress in 3 clicks only!
Select your top color and bottom color in 15 choices of shades…
From Black Caviar to Blanc de Blanc or from Powder Pink to Poppy Red, you just have to pick out your favorite colors!
Finally, choose “Your detail” and light up your dress with a gold or silver belt.
Take time to try several combinations… and look at the result simultaneously!
Enjoy, YOU are the fashion designer!!

Create your Parisienne Chic Dress


900 possible combinations??

To suit your mood
To match with your favorite shoes
To wear a different dress from your (beloved) colleague
To let yourself be tempted (once again) by your favorite color
To dare a new shade
To have a unique dress
To match with your jewellery

Because each woman is unique
Because choice is so Chic


Agathe Spotter

Shopaholic swear by her… Her job? Uncovering good plans. Her speciality field? Fashion news.