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Shopaholic swear by her…
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Her speciality field? Fashion news.
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For all these fashion good plans that brightens our day, coupon codes or for any other good news...Thank who? Thanks Agathe Spotter!

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No one knows Fashion better than her!
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Cruise Collection: It’s always summer somewhere

Collection Croisière

On Instagram, it’s raining Cruise hashtags.
The sooty eyes of the most savvy fashionistas are scanning the horizon to view its arrival…
What are we talking about? About the famous Cruise Collection, also called the Resort Collection or Pre-Spring Collection…
All names with chic and exotic connotations… But why all the excitement? An explanation is required.

The fashion world: from 2 to 4 beats

top_mlle_montmartre (Copier) Fashion has become an incredible race against time, punctuated by previews and by trendsetting scouts who are always ready to reveal the fashion forecast for next year. The winter collection appeared in July, and already the most devoted fashion addicts are out of breath.
But if, in the past, fashion danced a Two-step with its major collections, Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter, it is now doing a 4-count waltz. More importance has been given to Cruise Collection’s mid-season items to create novelty and off-beat freshness.
Offbeat? Not for everyone. It is now time to alter the rhythm of the entire fashion world to one that is no longer punctuated by the beat of the traditional Spring-Summer/ Autumn- Winter rhythm of the old continent!
Even if the Cruise Collections are perceived in Europe as interludes or invitations to travel to far-away lands, or offerings of a taste of the next collection, the rest of the world perceives these collections very differently: they are ready and waiting. Trend-scouts’ honour!

A collection named desired

top_the_onePut yourselves in the shoes of women who live in warm countries or expatriates at the end of the world…
“Oh, poor things!” you say, with a sarcastic smile and a condescending tone. True, poor things! Imagine how difficult it is to find a light dress in the middle of January, when the shops are filled with cashmere sweaters promising silky caresses, beautiful boots and padded jackets inviting a cuddle.
How many Middle Eastern women have visions of cozy evenings next to the fireplace? Who in Southeast Asia has never dreamt of snowflakes and winter delights? I can already see the Texan, Californian, and Brazilian women agreeing that they feel like this until the everlasting 30 degree temperatures force them to go back on a desperate hunt for tanktops!

The ultimate luxury for all

According to the anxious messages posted on forums in mid-winter such as, “Heeeeelp!!! Where can I find summer clothes for a Christmas Eve in the Tropics?”, the Cruise Collection would be almost a public utility!
Today, beach is not always associated with summer, nor are ski slopes always associated with winter. The desire for a change of scenery can happen anytime of year and it is no longer a privilege for rich people only. Cruise Collection should be as easy to find (and affordable, please) as a baguette in Paris.
The Resort Collection appeared in the 1920’s to dress high society escaping to the tropics to enjoy the sun in the mid-winter and 10 years ago, only the best luxury brands were offering Cruise items, but now there is good news. Times have changed. So let’s go on dreaming about spending Christmas with our feet in the water under palm trees… Moreover, the ultimate luxury will be to wear clothes other than last year’s.

And if it was possible to carry Parisian Chic in our suitcases along with unique tailor-made creations that embody your personality?

The dream has become reality, board the Cruise Collection Un dressing à Paris now.

Coquette Strapless Top

Agathe Spotter

Shopaholic swear by her… Her job? Uncovering good plans. Her speciality field? Fashion news.