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One is not born, but rather becomes, a Parisian woman


Is being born in Paris enough to be a Parisian woman? Of course not; it would be too easy, too predictable and therefore, the opposite of what is truly the essence of being one. Being a Parisian woman is not a citizen id status. It is a style, an attitude, and a certain idea of what elegance is. But what are the components of “Parisian chic”? What is this “je ne sais quoi” that the whole fashion world admires? Decoding a myth

The “Parisian chic” or the art of Smart Casual Dress Code

Strapless Dress Parisienne

Being a Parisian woman is a paradox. Between elegance and nonchalance, discretion and liberation, the Parisian woman’s perfect attitude and sex appeal baffle. The art of ultrasophistication and simplicity is her signature. Mondaine designation: Dress code Smart Casual. One will forgive her arrogant touch, and will bow to the unique way she combines her Chanel padded bag with an H&M item… or drives a scooter while wearing high heels! One will notice that her trench is never closed from top to bottom and that her belt is casually tight. Loic Prigent defines the Parisian woman’s look as “a calculated scruffy look that is not scruffy.” The Parisian woman’s greatest fear? Looking too mannered. And her speciality? According to Parisian chic’s icon, Ines de La Fressange, it is “The Right combination. Some Louboutin shoes with a loose T-shirt, or a Monoprix item with one from Celine”. And what about her delight? Giving the impression that she got dressed in the blink of an eye, and causing envy because of her style. However, is it not her lifestyle that one dreams about rather than just her clothing style?

Daring to be a Parisian woman

Sexy Dress Parisienne WallYves Saint Laurent describes her as a woman “enjoying the freedom of thinking and taking actions, while being able to love without waiting.” Shocking? No, she is just totally free, and full of life! She is an expert at going out at night but not at coming back home; she works and smokes a lot. Hyperactive, she starts her day sipping a coffee, then drinks 12 more in the morning. Excessive? Sure, a little. Hungry for odd and quirky things, the Parisian woman loves to investigate and to discover new brands. For her, fashion is a game. But what does entertain her? To avoid being a fashion clone is her mantra. With a touch of impudence, she ignores idols and prefers to nurture HER “couture” identity. British Vogue pointed out the influence of Parisian women and estimated that “their indisputable fame throughout the fashion world is not because of their great beauty or their finest taste, but because of their unshakeable motto: being themselves.” The Parisian woman is like this: she is bold! She is in complete harmony with her choices. Because the Parisian woman doesn’t follow fashion, she is the one creating it.

You as well can create your Parisian Look

Strapless Dress Parisienne Rocking Chair

Sexy Dress Parisienne Coupe

“The Parisian woman is to women what Champagne is to water. Both are thirst-quenching but the Parisian woman is the only one who can fascinate…”

Maurice Denuzière

Maud La Mode

From the perfect fashionista look to the right way to wear basics, Maud La Mode will tell you all that you need to know without "MODEration"