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Wanted: A dress to fit our morphology

Mlle Montmartre flowing dress

For sure, the classic little black dress is quite nice, but one needs to know which shape to choose to enhance one’s body.
Pyramid silhouette, inverted pyramid silhouette, rectangular, round or hour-glass… Who am I?
Damn it! Is it possible to have a dress that fits my morphology instead of asking myself if my morphology would suit this dress?

A princesses’ response: the tailor-made

Mlle Montmartre flowing dress“But nowadays, who can afford to buy a tailor-made dress by waving a magic wand???”

Like in the famous film I’ve already watched 1000 times (oh…. not you???), the answer could be:
“A name, she’s expecting a name, but I really have no idea…Cinderella the bitch?”
But for us Princesses of modern times and savvy Fashionistas, the tailor-made solution is possible and affordable.
Yes, the dress to fit our morphology exists at Un dressing à Paris. It’s the flowing dress from the Mlle Montmartre look.

Differentiate the top and bottom dress cut

Some of us have our assets on our hips and no reason to envy Kim Kardashian.
In contrast, others are fascinating men with their ample bosoms. These assets are called in primitive and technical language: pyramid silhouette and inverted pyramid silhouette.
The trick? Choose a dress with a bottom cut to enhance your localised generosity and a more fitted cut on the top.
Finally, there is a dress which enhances our curves without looking way too large at the top… and vice-versa works as well!
Who would have said that the secret of the pyramids will be revealed for good?

Adjust the skirt’s length et voilà!

“Ok for the secret of the pyramids… but what about the curves around the stomach?”
Easy, the top of the flowing Mlle Montmartre dress is slightly loose, and it hides our tummies gracefully.
But that’s not all… A hidden smock on the waist enables us to change the skirt’s length. It can be adjusted depending on your preference or according to the circumstances, and can become a knee-length dress or even a mini dress.
Showing off your legs is fully allowed, but it is you in the leading role!!
Are you still there??? Are you still not personalising your flowing Mlle Montmartre dress?
Need a final argument? Ahh the female’s requirement…!
Mlle Montmartre flowing dress is available in 32 shades.

I personalise my Mlle Montmartre flowing dress.

Iris Tips

How to show off all your best assets and hide your very small imperfections? Our makeover expert will share her advice and fashion tips!