A dream comes true

When I was a child, there was this famous game, called Fashion Wheel, which rocked out our childhood. I can tell you that I have never had it… and that was my biggest frustation as a little girl! But an unfulfilled childhood dream may give ideas to a bigger girl… It was my dream, I hope that it is yours too.

How often have you gone in a shop, trying to find the perfect dress, that one you have imagined hundred of times?

How many times have you been closed to reach you prefect dress dream…But the devil is in the details!

How to foil the Dressaster

It is impossible for me to purchase this dress: my boss has the same.
Ah, that one is the dress bought by Hélène…And here is the Amanda’s choice!!

Wearing the same dress than another guest for the Benedicte’s Wedding is definitely out of the question!! (Some will recognise themself here!!)

THE perfect colour

This top was nice… But why do they not design it in strapless top…or in another colour?

Ahhh Colour!! Let’s talk about it!! This quest often ends in disappointment…

How to find THE perfect green to match with my new shoes?

I love this dress… But in classy black or in elegant white, not with this strange floral print!!

Where can I find THE Powdery Pink Dress required by the dress code of THE party?
Maybe on…


For all budding fashion designers, for all Shopaholic, for those who have ever dreamt of having their own brand, for those who have always fantasized about the Carrie Bradshaw’s closet, and for any of you who don’t want to purchase the same dress that they all wear at work…

Founder of Un dressing à Paris